THIS AGREEMENT is between _________________________ (Buyers) and Desert Dogtails (Seller) is effective as of the date of the last signature to appear below or holding fee is sent to seller and accepted by seller for purchase of new puppy/dog. This will then make this contract legal and binding upon all parties thereto. Buyer(s) agree to buy and Seller agrees to sell the below described dog/puppy pursuant to all of the following terms;

                             BREED                                                                              BIRTHDATE 

                             SEX                                                                                    DESCRIPTION/COLOR


                            SIRE:                                                                                  DAM:

                            PURCHASE PRICE:

Unless purchasing a breeding puppy/dog, Buyer will not receive their limited
registration papers until dog/puppy is spayed or neutered. Seller will then send
Registration application to Buyer once Seller has received written receipt of
CERTIFICATION OF ALTERATION by a licensed veterinarian.
If the dog/puppy has not been spayed or neutered by one year of age then
registration papers are forfeited by the buyer. Seller does not guarantee the
testicals to drop on a male dog/puppy sold as a companion. The Seller will not
pay any additional cost of neutering said dog/puppy. This is the sole
responsibility of the Buyer. If dog/puppy is purchased as a companion and the
Buyer and Seller agree at a later date that this puppy is suitable for breeding then
Buyer agrees to pay the additional price of __________ dollars as this would
constitute the sale price of a breeding animal. Seller and Buyer may agree on a
puppy back out of an approved male or female by both parties in exchange for the
above amount. The additional amount would then be ___________ dollars and one
puppy back in order to release the limited registration papers on the dog/puppy.
These changes must be in writing and signed by both parties. Breeder will supply
puppy papers within one year from the date of purchase of the puppy or from the
time of spay and nueter to the buyer.

Desert Dogtails (“Seller”) will provide vaccination record to buyer and guarantees the
health of said dog/puppy for three days against puppy viruses from the date it leaves the
possession of the Seller. When said dog/puppy leaves our kennel to the best of our
knowledge, it is in healthy condition. However, in the event that said dog/puppy should
be diagnosed with a medical problem that can be cured, this would not qualify for a
replacement. The dog, if shipped, comes to you with a veterinarian’s health certificate
and a record of vaccinations. We recommend that you take the dog/puppy to your own
veterinarian (at Buyer’s expense) within the first 2 days for your own satisfaction and
protection. You, or your veterinarian, shall report to the Seller any medical problem
within the guarantee period. If the dog/puppy is found to have a medical problem it must
be reported to the Seller within twenty-four (24) hours of its discovery. Failure to make
this report within this time frame will void this warranty. If any life threatening
condition or congenital defect is found by buyer’s vet upon initial examination
that existed prior to buyer taking possession of said dog/puppy, buyer agrees and
elects to return puppy immediately for examination and treatment by seller or
sellers vet or buyer agrees that buyer will be responsible for all Buyer’s veterinary
expenses. Seller will return dog/puppy once treatment is completed or give buyer
a replacement dog/puppy.

REFUNDS of purchase price, shipping charges or other costs. There shall be
replacement of the dog/puppy only under the circumstances provided below.
1) If the dog/puppy is found to be in unsound health with life threatening incurable
diseases or viruses by a licensed veterinarian within 2 days, the buyer agrees and
elects to return the dog/puppy to Seller, or euthanized upon approval of seller unless
seller authorizes other options. Then Buyer may request replacement with another
dog/puppy of equal value. Said replacement will be made as soon as a suitable
replacement becomes available. A medical report signed by the examining
veterinarian must be provided to the Seller prior to a replacement being made.
There shall be no replacement unless under the Health Guarantee only as
stated below). The Seller will not replace any dog or puppy that has not received
adequate and appropriate care from its new owner. It is the responsibility of the
Buyer to provide immediate veterinary care (at the Buyer’s own expense) to any
dog/puppy showing signs of illness or distress and failure to do so will render any
guarantee null and void. Under no circumstance is a dog or puppy to be destroyed
with out discussing all options with the seller.. “Unsound health” shall be defined as
any condition, which is “life threatening” or “incurable” and shall not include curable
conditions such as but not limited to infections, worms, parasites, bacterial infections,
skin rashes or an outie belly button (umbilical hernia). Normally this condition is
considered cosmetic. Seller will inform buyer if puppy has an outie at which time
buyer may choose a different puppy.
2) A replacement puppy will be provided only If said dog/puppy is diagnosed to have a
life threatening congenital birth defect with in one year of said dog/puppy date of birth
by a licensed veterinarian in writing or dies within one year of the dog/puppies date
of birth as a direct result of an unknown (at the time of sale) congenital birth defect,
only if an appropriate autopsy is performed by a licensed veterinarian and a
veterinarian’s certificate is provided as proof of cause of death. Trauma, abuse or
neglect will void the guarantee.
3) Since this puppy is being purchased as a companion dog (limited registration) if
purchasing a male, there are no guarantees that the testicles will drop. If that is a
concern to buyer, than at the time buyer chooses puppy, inform seller and seller will
inform buyer if testicles are down at that time. At that time buyer can choose another
puppy or wait for a puppy from a future litter.
THE BUYER assumes responsibility of all expenses incurred in relation to the
dog/puppy after said dog/puppy leaves the possession of the Seller, as well as any
expense incurred at the request of the Buyer before the dog/puppy leaves possession of
the Seller. If for any reason the dog/puppy is returned to the Seller, BUYER agrees to
pay all expenses, including shipping costs, mileage and re-examination expense of
Seller’s veterinarian.
VACCINATIONS: Your dog/puppy has been has had the required vaccination series.
We pride ourselves in raising healthy puppies. When said dog/puppy leaves our kennel,
to the best of our knowledge, it is in healthy condition. However, in the event that said
dog/puppy should be diagnosed with a medical problem that can be cured, this would
not qualify for a replacement.
SHIPPING: All costs are to be paid by the Buyer, when purchasing a dog/puppy that
must be shipped. Dog/puppy must be shipped ‘Prepaid’. Shipping costs will include all
cost incurred by the Seller including but not limited to carrier, health certificate, Airline
cost, etc. Specific shipping arrangements will be determined in advance and confirmed
to Buyer by Seller, with the dogs/puppy’s best welfare in mind. This signed agreement
must be returned prior to dog/puppy being shipped.
HOLDING FEES: A holding fee is placed to hold a particular puppy or a specific order to
pick their dog/puppy for a buyer. All holding fees are non-refundable. The goal of our
kennel is to place our dogs/puppies in loving homes in a timely manner so they may
bond with their new family. If a dog/puppy is held specifically for a buyer, a change of
mind can quite often jeopardize the chance for that particular puppy to be placed in a
home while still at a desirable age. The minimum required holding fee amount is Two
Hundred Dollars ($300.00) per dog/puppy. The Buyer has up until the puppy is 4 weeks
of age to change to another puppy or apply the holding fee towards a puppy from a
future litter. If the buyer chooses to except said dog/puppy or purchases a dog/puppy
older then 4 weeks, the sale of said dog/puppy is considered consummated and Buyer
agrees that at no time and under no circumstance is the seller obligated to deviate from
this agreement. There by making the buyers holding fee nonrefundable and will not
apply to the purchase of another puppy. In the event that Buyer decides not to purchase
said dog/puppy, the $300 holding fee would be used to cover the non-specific expenses
that the seller incurs in order to care for and resell the said dog/puppy. The dog/puppy
must be paid in full one week prior to Shipping. When the sale of the dog/puppy is
consummated, the holding fee shall be applied towards the purchase price.
Each dog/puppy will differ in the time needed to bond with its new family. Please give
the dog/puppy ample time to adjust, especially if the dog/puppy has been shipped. A
period of two to four weeks should be the very least amount of time allowed the
dog/puppy for an adjustment period. Please give your new friend and family member a
chance to bond with you and its new surroundings. Your new dog/puppy needs to feel
safe and secure for its unique individual personality to surface.
THE BUYER becomes the owner of said dog/puppy upon Seller’s receipt of ‘Payment in
Full’. The dog/puppy will be cared for by the Seller until the arranged shipping date or
until Buyer is able to take possession of dog/puppy. This period of care is not to exceed
fourteen (14) days from date of sale unless otherwise agreed to by Seller. In the event
this exceeds the time period stated, Buyer agrees to pay board on said dog/puppy at a
boarding charge of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per day. Boarding charges are to be paid in
full prior to shipping or release of said dog/puppy.
BREEDING ANIMALS: Breeder also does not guarantee the size of said dog at
maturity, whether purchased for breeding, show exhibition or as a companion.
REGISTRATION PAPERS: Breeder has 1 year from the date of purchase or the date
that the spay/neuter certificate is sent to the breeder, which ever is the later of the two,
to send out any registration papers or paperwork that is do to the buyer if not received at
the time of purchase. If buyer looses or mis-places their papers, that they received at
the time of purchase, there will be a fee of $75. to get replacement papers.
dog/puppy will be kept in his/her own yard and not allowed to roam freely outside of
Buyers yard. Under no circumstances will this dog/puppy be sent to a shelter or
otherwise disposed of, nor shall this dog/puppy be sold, leased or given away to any pet
shop, research laboratory or similar facility. If Buyer wishes to resell this dog/puppy, or
becomes unable to, or no longer desires to care for this dog/puppy, Buyer must give
Seller first right of refusal to purchase said dog/puppy. Buyer agrees that Seller has the
right to retrieve said dog/puppy if buyer does not adhere to all provisions of this contract
or if dog/puppy is being neglected or abused.
VENUE: If Buyer(s) or Seller commences any legal action as a result of this contract,
Buyer(s) agrees that the place of venue for such action shall be Hopkins County, Texas.
Buyer(s) assents to personal jurisdiction within such venue regardless of their place of
residence and agrees that any judgment obtained is enforceable within the jurisdiction
that they reside in as if obtained within that jurisdiction. If for any reason Buyer(s)
decides to try to take action outside of Sellers place of venue (Hopkins County, Texas)
then Seller may choose to file suit in Hopkins County, Texas, regardless of Buyers home
jurisdiction, against the Buyer(s) in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500.00) plus any
and all addition expenses and loss of income caused by Buyer(s) filling in the wrong
FACSIMILE SIGNATURES: A facsimile signature shall be enforceable as an original if
the original contract is lost, destroyed or otherwise unavailable.
TERMS: The use of the terms “dog/puppy” presents the same as the plural
dogs/puppies, in the case of more than one dog/puppy being purchased under this sales
If Buyer(s) chooses to make payment in part or in full prior to the
signing of this sales agreement, the buyer then agrees to the
terms and conditions of the sales agreement which then become
binding and supersedes a signed hard copy.
I agree to all terms as stated herein
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Seller: Desert Dogtails

Sulphur Springs, TX 75482
Phone# (903)440-3356

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