Our Beautiful Great Dane And Boxer Parents

Desert Dog and Cattails is family-owned and operated in Sulphur Springs, TX. Since opening in 2002 we’ve treated every Great Dane and Boxer like they are a part of our family. We have owned Danes for over 20 years.
All of our Great Danes and Boxers are Registered with AKC.
Lucy Eyes of Amber
Isaac Von Bluz of Andromedanes
Issac has received an EXCELLENT for his OFA certificate! Full European bloodlines. His grandfather is International Champion Pavlov Von Schlesien. He loves to prance around and play with all of us. He is definitely a Mommas boy though.          RETIRED
Shoulder height 34''
Hip height 31''
Lucy loves everyone! She runs like the wind and always has a mischievious twinkle in her eye. She is the boss. She lets us know exactly what she wants, we are well trained lol.
Shoulder height 31''
Hip height 31''
Great Dane Facts
Danes love to sit on your foot and beside you on the couch....
Give them a choice and they will take the smallest area they can fit into.
Yes they do best with elevated food and water dishes...
Watch out they might want to eat at the table with you.........
They may look like they need a saddle ...but don't ride them!! We have retired Lucy and Issac. We are no longer having great dane puppies
Finished champion
Anubis is very loving and gentle. Smart and playful. Loves to be right at your side for attention.
Kisses....A great mother, smart and attentive. Full of boxer moves and kisses.